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Born: l928 - Hartlepool, County Durham, England. Moved to Canada in l969, lives in London, Ont.

Education and Work

Attended the Hartlepool College of Art, County Durham, Eng. - Royal Academy Schools, Piccadilly, London, Eng.

1972 - 82 - Dean, Faculty of Applied Arts, Fanshawe College, London, Ontario.

1963 - Head of Fine Art Department, Leeds College of Art, Yorkshire, England.

Publications and Films

1991 - Drawing featured in the American-Japanese publication of the works of International American potter Warren MacKenzie.
1986 - Visual Education on the Back-Burner, Bulletin Magazine, Canadian Community Colleges, Toronto.
1986 - Artists Proof: Eric Atkinson and Art Education, 30 min.
1982 - Paintings feature in Pan-Canadian production The Amateur with John Savage and Christopher Plummer.
1982 - Forum: Imaginative use of Space, T.K.O. Magazine, London.
1970 - Art Education, Mash Magazine, Chicago Art Institute.
1964 - "Alfred Wallis: Cornish Primitive painter\", Accent Magazine, Leeds; reprinted in Tate Gallery exhibition catalogue, Leeds Revived l968.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1989 - Thielsen Galleries Ltd., London, Ontario.
1987 - The Concept Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
1983 - McIntosh Gallery, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.
1983 - Woodstock Art Gallery, Woodstock, Ont.
1982 - Zenith Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
1982 - Barbara Fiedler Gallery, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
1981 - Pollock Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
1980 - Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
1980 - University of Wisconsin, Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
1979 - Pollock Gallery, Toronto, Ont.
1979 - Trajectory Gallery, London, Ont.
1978 - Pollock Gallery, Toronto, Ont.
1975 - Park Square Gallery, Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.
1974 - Thielsen Galleries Ltd., London, Ont.
1973 - Morse Capponi Gallery, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
1972 - London Art Gallery, London, Ont.
1970 - Nancy Poole Gallery, London, Ont.
1969 - Gallerie Rottger, Lunen, Germany
1969 - Gallerie Heid, Marberg, Germany
1969 - Park Square Gallery, Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.
1965 - Molton Gallery, London, Eng.
1963 - Zwemmer Gallery, London, Eng.
1961 - Municipal Art Gallery, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, Eng.
1960 - The Redfern Gallery, London, Eng.
1960 - City Art Gallery, Wakefield, Yorkshire, Eng.
1960 - Howard Roberts Gallery, Cardiff, Wales
1956 - The Redfern Gallery, London, England
1954 - The Redfern Gallery, London, England
1952 - The Irving Galleries, London, England

Selected Group Exhibitions

1993 - Down By the Riverside, London Regional Art and Historical Museums, London, Ont.
1991 - S. Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
1991 - Concept Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
1984 - Associations, London Regional Art Gallery, London, Ont.
1982 - Fanshawe Faculty, The Gallery Stratford, Stratford, Ont.
1980 - Area Artists survey Part I, London Regional Art Gallery, London, Ont.
1980 - The Lewis Collection, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, Penn.
1978 - London/Banff Exchange
1977 - Saskatoon/London Exchange
1971 - Kingpitcher Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
1970 - Fanshawe Basic Year Exhibition, Rothmans Art Gallery of Stratford Ont.
1970 - British Embassy, Washington, D.C.
1970 - British Painting, Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1970 - British Tour Exhibition, Arts Council of Great Britain, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1968 - Alliance In Art, International Exhibition, Washington, D.C.
1967 - Edinburgh l00, Edinburgh, Scotland.
1965 - University of Alberta Exchange with Leeds College of Art, Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.
1963 - John Moores International Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, Lancashire.
1963- Stadhausgalerie, Dortmund, Germany
1958 - British Painting, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, Eng.
1956 - Contemporary Art Society Collection, Tate Gallery, London, Eng.
1954 - Figures in Their Settings, Tate Gallery, London, Eng.

Selected Public Collections

Contemporary Art Society of Great Britain Arts Council of Great Britain
Ministry of Works of Great Britain National Hospital Collection
Leeds C.A.S. Leeds University Leeds City Art Gallery
Nuffield Collection Keele University Collection
Oxford University Collection Leeds Polytechnic
Clarendon College, Nottingham Bishop Stortford College
Bretton Hall Collection, Wakefield Abbot Hall Gallery, Kendal
Gray Art Gallery, Hartlepool Hereford City Art Gallery
Leicester Art Gallery Leicestershire Educational Authority
Kent Educational Authorities Collection Collection
Whitbread Brewery Collection Glaxo Laboratories Collection
P & O Steamship Company Collection Royal Academy of Arts
Imperial Chemical Industries Victoria and Albert Museum
National Museum of the Performing Arts Marburg University, Germany
Balaszeskul Collection, Berlin McNay Art Institute, San Antonio
Ford Foundation, Detroit Urban Design Associates, Pittsburgh
Print Collection, California Art College Touche Ross, Pittsburgh
Imperial Oil Ltd., Calgary Cassels Brock, Ltd., Toronto
Southern Pacific Hotel Ltd., Toronto Lear & Siegler Ltd.
Alcoa Collection, Pittsburgh United Steele, Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Metals Collection London Regional Art and Historical
The McIntosh Gallery, The University of Museums, Ont. Western Ontario.
University Hospital, London, Ontario The Blackburn Group, Inc.
London Regional Cancer Centre

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Eric Atkinson

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