We proudly represent a variety of painters, printmakers, ceramicists and sculptors whose work presents exceptional quality and value. Many of our artists are well-known, some are mid-career and others are notable up-and-comers. This interesting mix of talents ensures an exciting and wide-ranging selection of art in terms of both style and price.


Wallace Galleries is one of Calgary's most dynamic art galleries and home to many outstanding contemporary Canadian artists. Established in 1986 and located in the downtown core, our gallery is a family-run business with the goal of making art a part of your life as much as it is a part of ours. 

At Wallace Galleries, we are happy to provide each client with just the right amount of assistance desired - from providing advice on selection and pricing to framing and installation.  

We're here to help people connect with art in a pleasant, enjoyable environment. We want to help visitors expand the horizons of their art appreciation, identify the styles and media that define the art they like, introduce new collectors to some of Canada's best known contemporary artists, and bring rising new art stars to the attention of seasoned collectors. We're here to help our clients invest in quality works of art with confidence and within their budget guidelines.

From young couples decorating their first home to executives charged with building a corporate art collection, visitors to our gallery often look to us for advice and information. That's why many long-term relationships with our clients began with their first visit to our gallery -- they were impressed with our friendly, professional staff, as well as our artists and art.

Fine Art Consultation

We are pleased to assist our clients — whether individuals , corporate entities or institutions — in selecting and acquiring art from artists represented by Wallace Galleries or by other art galleries across Canada. We can visit your office or home to discuss your needs and ideas. Our recommendations will be tailored to suit your desires and your budget.


We offer appraisals for personal, corporate and institutional purposes. Appraisals are important for insurance coverage, asset valuation, loss of asset, family settlement, estate planning and estimation of fair market value. We also work with Cultural Properties for significant institutional donations or purchases.

We can offer on-site evalutions as well so please contact us for your specific needs.

Please do inquire on our pricing for each of these services. 

Sorry, we do not provide evaluations over the phone.


We offer on-approval release of art works so our clients can try the art for a day or two at their home or office.

Corporate Consultation and Leasing Services

We offer art consultation, placement, installation, cataloguing and appraisal services specific to the needs of corporate clients establishing or maintaining a corporate collection.

We also offer corporate lease-to-own services with lease options tailored to the amount of art you wish to purchase and your desired budget. Lease terms range from two to five years; at the end of the lease term, you own the artwork.

Please do inquire on our pricing for each of these services.

Lay-Away and Gift Registry

A lay-away plan can be tailored to suit your needs. We also offer registry services for gifts to celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary or other special event and corporate events. We can also provide you with a gift certificate. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


We can arrange to have your artwork framed. We also remind gallery visitors that R J Hope Fine Art Framing is available for consultation and framing by appointment.  R J Hope Fine Art Framing offers all conservation and custom framing.  To contact Robert for framing questions or needs, please make an appointment by calling 1.403.277.1616.

Shipping, Placement, and Installation of Art

Cost estimates for these and other services will be provided upon request.

Living with art tips

Tips for hanging paintings and prints

  • Use two picture hooks instead of one - this will significantly reduce movement.
  • It is not necessary to find a stud to hang a painting, due to the design of the hooks (unless the art is VERY heavy)
  • Art works should be hung at the eye level of people seated in the room.
    • Exceptions are for art hung in a hallway or above a fireplace mantle.
  • When paintings are hung together, the centre of the paintings should be aligned (not the top or bottom).
  • Do not 'jug' or stagger paintings on a wall unless going up a stairwell.  
  • The centre of the paintings should line up (approximately); mt the top or bottom.  think of it like reading a book; there should be flow.
  • Mix and match your mediums, artists and subjects -- keep things interesting.
  • Do the unexpected!
    • Hang a figure painting in the kitchen and a still life in the living room.
    •   Make groupings. Even with different artists.
    •   Don't centre all the art on the wall. Create specific areas in a room based on where you hang your art.
  • You can hang paintings lower than furniture -- for example, you could create a vertical grouping of paintings in a clear wall area beside a furniture grouping.
  • Don't be afraid of size! Some areas and walls look fabulous with an oversized piece of art.
  • Try out the art you're thinking of purchasing. You never really know what it will look like in your space by just taking a measurement. (That's why we encourage 'art on approval'.)
  • Buy what YOU like, because YOU have to live with it.
  • You can hang art in your bathroom

Artwork is sensitive to direct light; that being said in most homes actual direct light, such as south facing wall right in a window is rare.  In actuality florescent light is worse for your art.  If you are concerned please do consult us.

Dusting/cleaning your art - it is usually best to use a feather duster, especially on textured works. NEVER use windex or other cleaning detergents; only use water. If there is more cleaning needed it is best to consult us first for recommendation.

 Don't be afraid to ask questions. we're here to help you find art that you will enjoy living with, that reflects your personal style, and that makes a distinctive statement, and that you will enjoy.

Consignment re-sales

Currently we are only accepting consignment re-sales of works by Harold Town, Ronald Bloore, and Kenneth Lochhead from the 1950s-1960s.


We have approximately 3,000 square feet of exhibition space with 16-foot ceilings, located on the main floor of Chevron Plaza, 500 5th Avenue S.W.

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