Father’s Day Group Exhibition 2023

June 01 - June 20, 2023

Summer Solstice Group Show 2023

June 21 - July 11, 2023

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We proudly represent a variety of painters, sculptors, and printmakers whose work presents exceptional quality and value. Many of our artists are well-known, some are mid-career and others are notable up-and-comers. This interesting mix of talents ensures an exciting and wide-ranging selection of art in terms of both style and price.

Nothing beats the emotional reaction of seeing a piece of art that moves you. We are here to listen to your needs and finding the right piece of art that will do this.

From young couples decorating their first home to executives charged with building a corporate art collection, visitors to our gallery often look to us for advice and information. We look to develop long-term relationships with our clients for this reason.


Jean McEwen & Snap Shots Exhibitions open this Saturday, March 18 from 2-5 pm. please join us!More...

These two exhibitions celebrate the works of Jean McEwen, Ted Godwin, Kenneth Lochhead, and Harold Town, and their contribution to the art world. It showcases the boldness and innovation that these artists possessed and the courage to challenge the status quo. It is a testament to the power of art to shape and change our world and to the power of the individual to make a difference.

February 11 - March 1, 2023More...

Red: The colour of Love - a group Exhibition.

This exhibition is a playful concept on RED. With so many wonderful artists working and using the colour, it seemed appropriate to highlight and feature the various ways it is used in art to compliment the up-coming Valentine’s season. Works by various of our gallery artists, include; David Alexander, Simon Andrew, David Newkirk, Steve Mennie, Harold Town, Robert Lemay, Phil Darrah, Bruce Head, Diana Zasadny, and more.

Milne - Woven Exhibition 2022: November 19 - December 7, 2022Reception: Saturday, November 19 from 2-5PM: artist in attendanceMore...

Drawing on her love of textiles, Milne chose to call the exhibition Woven likening it to a length of woolen tweed, a seemingly simple warp and weft construction which, upon closer scrutiny, proves to be an increasingly complex and seductive read. Such is the case here. In these paintings, what might appear as a singular colour from a distance, reveals itself to be overlapping colours, tones, lines and shapes. The juxtaposition of the unexpected. A surface may be transparent in some areas yet richly built up in others. In Milne’s work the close up and distant views are presented simultaneously, resulting in landscapes that are both intimate in the form of a garden and majestic such as the glacier at Lake Louise.

Several paintings are centred on the exuberance of blossoms, their ephemeral beauty, and their eventual demise. Each flower is a vehicle of change, of what we experience and observe in our own lives. Certain passages are descriptive while others are abstract. Lustre is surrounded by tension and interference. Through the microcosm of a single bloom or an isolated tree, one sees into a larger unsettling world. Beauty is explored in the tradition of Vanitas painting, there is an awareness of the fleetingness of existence.

“Through editing and amplification of details, I am looking at the experience of wonder. I have long been aware of our fragile relationship to the land, pondering ideas of stewardship and vulnerability. In these works, we are ever reminded of temporality - of presence and absence - nature as we encounter it and as we remember it.” - Milne

Upcoming Exhibitions

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Father’s Day Group ...

June 01 - June 20, 2023

A special selection for dad! A group exhibition with a wide range of works by our roster of artists for that discerning eye, including works by: Joice M...

mayfly, emergence, moon, reflection, drips, Regina Five, abstraction, water

Summer Solstice Group Sho...

June 21 - July 11, 2023

With a focus on contemporary Canadian abstraction, this show has an exquisite diversity of both historical and up-and-comers. A selection of various ga...

News & Announcements

It is with great sadness that we are to share with you that Dorothy Knowles passed away peacefully with her family on Tuesday morning, May 16, 2023, at the age of 96.

She will be fondly remembered and missed. A regal and classy woman, Knowles was an artist that stayed true to herself and her calling in landscape painting.

In 1948, Knowles had enrolled in an art class that would turn out to be the turning point in her life, and her dedication and passion in art. It was here that she met instructor, and long-time friend Reta Cowley. With a new found fire lit within, she continued to explore art and soon left her aspirations to be a lab technician to pursue painting.

Flash forward to the 1960s, Dorothy Knowles attended workshops at the Emma Lake Art Camp led by the American art critic Clement Greenberg (1962), artist Kenneth Noland (1963), Jules Olitski (1964), Lawrence Alloway (1965), and Michael Steiner (1969). All of these workshops had varying degrees of influence on her work, changing her style from a heavy impasto favoured by Greenberg to a more fluid technique preferred by Noland. Most importantly, she discovered the joy of working directly from nature. Thus, weather permitted, she worked out of doors, at times producing finished paintings, at times sketches and photographs which she used in the studio.

She has accomplished so much during her comprehensive career, receiving; The Order Of Canada (Member), The Saskatchewan Order of Merit, and membership in the Royal Canadian Academy.

She was always humble and a wealth of knowledge. Her contribution to the arts and landscape painting in Canada will be forever remembered and recognized by all. Her fabulous connection to nature and ability to capture her surroundings; undeniable. Her mark-making and style distinct and indisputably her own.

She will be fondly remembered and greatly missed. We wish the family much condolences; our hearts go out to you in this time of grief.

Two artists in the B.C. Interior, Amy Modahl and Robin Hodgson, have won this year’s Tanabe Prize. They each receive $15,000.

Modahl, who teaches at the Vernon campus of Okanagan College, has had solo exhibitions at the Kamloops Art Gallery and the Kelowna Art Gallery.

Emerging artist Robin Hodgson, of Kamloops, a quadriplegic since the age of 19, has partial movement in his arms, allowing him to paint with the assistance of adaptive tools. Last year, he had an exhibition at the Kamloops Art Gallery.

The winners were selected by a panel of curators connected to British Columbia galleries and museums. Selection is based on exceptional creativity coupled with a promise of future achievements. Names of the selectors are confidential.

There is no application process for either curators or artists. The prize is open to painters in British Columbia and is administered by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

Takao Tanabe, born in Prince Rupert, B.C., in 1926, lives on Vancouver Island. His paintings reflect his interest in abstraction and the landscape. -from GALLERIES WEST

March 18 – April 12, 2023: Jean McEwen

Opening Reception: March 18: 2-5PM - ONLINE catalog available HERE

For the first time ever in Calgary, we will be hosting the exclusive exhibition of select works by Jean McEwen. Celebrating the centennial of his birth, Jean McEwen is a renowned Canadian (Quebec) artist whom created works that were ground-breaking in the art scene during the action expression movement of the 50’s-60’s and beyond.

His works were always created with a deeply thought-out idea in mind. They demand an emotional response from whomever come upon them. He is known for his innovation and contribution to art. His works are exhibited in the MoMA, The National Gallery of Canada, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, to name a few. McEwen always insisted that his works were focused and based by the sensation that one gets from art, not based on criteria or theories of art. This exhibition holds true to this sentiment, and is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime exhibition to hit Calgary which shouldn’t be missed.

Galleries West Magazine has featured on their website today an article on Phil Darrah: “Abstract painting offering a window into Contemplation” by Richard White. The article focuses on the works currently in our two-person exhibition, Works within a Continuum”. Robin Smith-Peck is the other half of this two-person show. The exhibition is on now and until April 20, 2022. It is a frabulous article giving an insight into what Darrah’s works offer.

you can visit the Galleries West article HERE

​Nancy Boyd was recently interviewed by Galleries West Magazine’s Mark Mushet about her works for her exhibition entitled “Bardo Songs”.

To watch the Video please click HERE.