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Andre Petterson has worked in various mediums such as wood, fiberglass, metal, plastic; both in two and three dimensions. He has also created installations, performance, film and kinetic work involving his own music compositions, sets and choreography.

More recently his focus has been on painting, photo- based works, steel sculpture and photography. Petterson has exhibited in both private and public galleries in Canada and the United States. He has received awards, served on juries and given lectures. His works are included in public and private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.


2018    Brand, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2018   “Brand Capture Photography Festival”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2017   “Reconnoitre”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
2016   TRANSITION, Bau-Xi Vancouver, BC
2015    To and Fro, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2015    To and Fro, Foster White Gallery, Seattle, Wa
2014    New Work, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
2014    New Work, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2014    Impressions of Africa 2, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2013    Impressions of Africa, Foster White Gallery, Seattle, Wa
2013    AFRICAN IMPRESSIONS, Galerie LeRoyer, Montreal, QC
2011    HERE AND THERE, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2008    THREAD (cinema stage 2) Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2008    THREAD (cinema stage 1), Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
2007    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver , Precis,    
2006    Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto , Contact Photography Festival ,    
2006    Wallace Galleries, Calgary. New Works
2005    VOICE, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC    
2003    STILL NOT STILL (episode 2), Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2003    STILL NOT STILL (episode 1), Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
2001    SPIN SPUN, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2000    PUBLIC ACCESS (photographs from 1990-1999 courtesy (Bau-Xi Gallery), Atelier     Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1998    REFLECTIONS, Newzones Gallery Calgary, AB
1998    NEW WORKS, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON    
1998    NEW WORKS, Denise Roberge Gallery, Palm Desert, CA
1998    SURVEY EXHIBITION, Grand Forks Public Art Gallery, Grand Forks, BC
1997    PLACE AND PLACEMENT, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1997    CUT-OUTS, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON 
1996    CUT-OUTS, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1995    STATIONS OF THE MIND, Richmond Public Art Gallery, Richmond, BC
1995    CROWS and ICONS, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto , Ont.  and  Vancouver BC
1993    CONTEMPLATIONS, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1992    STAGES OF BEING - Dolls, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1990    NEW  WORKS, Galerie L’autre Eqivoque Inc., Ottawa, ON
1989    NEW WORKS, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1989    PEEP SHOW, Kelowna Public Art Gallery, Kelowna, BC
1988    Galerie Franklin Silverstone, Montreal, QC 
1986    MUSIC SPEAKING VISUALLY: A decade of music inspired works, Bau-Xi Gallery,     Vancouver, BC
1986    An exhibition in correlation with the First Vancouver Chamber Music Festival
             (A Centennial Celebration)  Sponsored by the Vancouver Recital Society.
             Presented at St. Georges School, Vancouver, BC (Poster for same)
1986    MYSTERIOUS OBJECTS, Performance-Installation & Exhibition Vancouver East Cultural     Centre, Vancouver, BC
1986    THE LANE (Installation), Kamloops Public Art Gallery, Kamloops, BC
1984    URBAN REFLECTIONS, Jackson Street Gallery, Seattle, WA
1983    PRESERVATIONS AND RESTORATIONS, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1982    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1982    Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
1981    Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
1980    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1980    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1979    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1978    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1977    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1976    WOODEN SCULPTURE, Habitat Conference, Vancouver, BC   
1975    WOODEN SCULPTURE, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC


2006    Soho Myriad, Alternate Vision, Atlanta GA
2005    Spring Show, Wallace Galleries, Calgary AB
2000    DITTO Seattle Art Museum sales/rental gallery, Seattle, WA
2000    ART MIAMI International Art Expo (with Buschlen Mowatt International) 
1999    BOOK (writ large): an exhibition of original artists books, Community Arts Council,     Vancouver, BC
1999    “Menagerie” Seattle Art Museum sales / rental gallery, Seattle, WA
1998    New Leaf Editions exhibition  Nov. 7th at  Performance Works , Vancouver, BC
1998    “Contemplating Eternity” Seattle Art Museum sales / rental gallery Seattle, WA
1997     Newzones Gallery, Calgary, AB
1997    Artropolis 97 “Browser” Vancouver, BC
1997    “The Last Picture Show”, Newzones Gallery,  Calgary, AB
1996    Group show, Newzones Gallery, Calgary, AB
1996     Gallery Artists, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1995     Gallery Artists, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1995    Bonifacho  Burrows  Grauer  Petterson  Stanbridge, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1993    A Taste of Claridge Collection Canadian Clay and Glass, Gallery Waterloo,     Waterloo, ON
1993    Figurative, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver BC
1993    Straight from the Pile: 5 Artists, Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, BC
1993    Canadian Artists: Benefit of the Olga Havel Foundation, Prague, Czech Republic
1993    Drawings by Artists, Sculptors, and Architects, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1992    ElAAC ‘92 Montreal Art Fair With Galerie L’autre Equivoque Inc., Montreal, QC
1992    “A Taste of the Claridge Collection”: Saidye Bronfman Centre 25th Anniversary     Exhibition, Montreal, QC 
1992    Exhibition 15 Years, Gallerie L’autre Equivoque Inc., Ottawa, ON
1992    Seattle Art Fair, with Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1991    ELAAC ‘91 Montreal Art Fair, with Gallerie L’autre Equivoque Inc., Montreal, Quebec
1991    Gallery Artists, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1991    Still Life: 12 CONTEMPORARY VIEWS, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1990    BLACK AND WHITE, Grand Forks Public Art Gallery, Grand Forks, BC
1990    25 Years 1965-1990, Bau-Xi Gallery, (Part 1) Vancouver, BC (Part 2) Toronto, ON
1990    ARTROPOLIS, The Roundhouse,  Vancouver, B.C. 
1989     Courtenay Arts
1989    Courtenay Alliance   SIX FROM BAU-XI   Courtenay, BC
1989    FEAR OF OTHERS -- Int. Art Exhibit Against Racism, The Roundhouse Van, BC
1989    Galerie de la Ville, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC
1989    Richmond Art Gallery , Richmond, BC
1988    “BAG” Show, Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, BC
1988    Exhibition with the 3rd du Maurier International Jazz Festival, Community Arts     Council
1988    STATUES-20 min. film, The Seventh Annual Santa Fe Film Expo, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1987    Gallery Artists Exhibition, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1987    TEMPORALSUGGESTIONS (Four Person Exhibition), Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1987    Contemporary B.C. Sculptors, Sunshine Coast Art Centre, Sechelt Peninsula, BC
1987    A.C.E. (Artist for Creative Environments) , The Jacqueline M. Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1986    IMAGES AND OBJECTS  IV, Community Arts Council of Vancouver, BC
1986    ARTS IN MOTION, B.C. Festival of the Arts, Prince George, BC
1986    IMAGES B.C. for EXPO ‘86 and the B.C. PAVILION, Robson Square , Vancouver, BC
1986    TEN PLUS ONE Surrey Art Gallery, Anniversary Show celeb. 11 years , Surrey, BC
1985    SCULPTURE ‘85, Grand Forks Public Art Gallery, Grand Forks, BC
1984    The Warehouse Show, Vancouver, BC
1984    Remy Martin Show, Vancouver, BC
1983    Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
1983    October Show, Vancouver, BC
1983    Surrey Art Gallery, 3 Person Show, Surrey, BC
1982    Anti-Seal Hunt Show, Vancouver, BC
1982    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1982    ART INSPIRED BY MUSIC, Saxe Gallery, Toronto, ON
1981    ESSO RESOURCES COLLECTION, Nickel Art Museum, Calgary, AB
1981    Art Gallery of Ontario, Art Rental Show, Toronto, ON
1980    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1979    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1977    MAKING MARKSNorman MacKenzie Gallery, Regina, SK
1977    Under 30 Show, Presentation House, North Vancouver, BC


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ARTS UMBRELLA - 1999 SPLASH auction October 1999
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1986    National Film Board of Canada (Pacific Studio)    
1986    The Canada Council (Exploration Program) 
1977     Under 30 Exhibition - Competition/Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, BC


Vancouver General Hospital
Q.L.T. Technologies
St. Paul’s Hospital
Grand Forks Public Art Gallery
Grand Hotel / Lobby
M. A. Lamothe & Associates
Burnet/Duckworth/and Palmer
Sail View Ventures
CS Resources  Ltd.
Elbow River Resources
Canadian Airlines
Richmond Public Art Gallery
Armory Studios
Wall Centre
Value Industries
Polygon Group, Vancouver
Canada Council Art Bank
Esso Resources Canada
Claridge Collection
Duracell Canada,Ontario,Canada
Telesat Canada
Webber and Company
Laxton and Company
Ladner Downs
Department of External Affairs
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Melissa Morgan, Palm Desert Ca


1984 - present    Arts Umbrella Auction, Vancouver, BC
1984 - present    Art for Life Auction, Vancouver, BC  
2002    Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1998 - 2007    St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC
2000    Grand Forks Public Art Gallery, Grand Forks, BC
2000    Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1999    PID  Society Auction, Vancouver, BC
1998    Grand Forks Public Art Gallery, Grand Forks, BC
1998    PID  Society Auction, Vancouver, BC
1998    Arts Umbrella Auction, Vancouver, BC
1997    Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC
1997    PID  Society Auction, Vancouver, BC
1996     PID  Society Auction, Vancouver, BC
1994    Main Dance Projects, Vancouver, BC
1993    BC Altzheimer Society, Vancouver, BC
1993    Canadian Artists to the Benefit of the Olga Havel Foundation, Prague, Czech.
1991    Evergreen Auction, October 9, Ottawa, ON
1990    Earth Day Canada Auction, Victoria, BC
1990    Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1987    Canada Village Aid, Vancouver, BC
1987    A.C.E. (Artists for a Creative Environment)
1987    The Jacqueline M. Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1986    First Vancouver Chamber Music Festival (POSTER)
1985     The New Play Centre Auction, Vancouver, BC
1984    Reme Martin Exhibition, Vancouver, BC
1984    Robson Square Media Centre
1982    Anti-Seal Hunt Exhibition, Vancouver, BC
1980    Vancouver Symphony, (Program - front & back cover) 
1980    Festival Concert Society Exhibition, Vancouver, BC


1989     TELEVISIA MEXICO, Interview with Carmen Iregoyen  (in Spanish)  3 Minutes
1987    STATUES, 16mm Colour Film  20 Min., directed, edited, sound, sets / written by -     Andre Petterson
1984    BUILDING THE LANE, Video Document  Beta 1/2”
1984    WORKS FROM 1974-1983, Video Catalogue  Beta 1/2”
             COLLAGES from1981-1983, Video Catalogue  Beta 1/2”


1989    Jury Member, Canada Council - Explorations Department
1986-87    Jury Member, Canada Council - Explorations Department


1991    DANCING ON THE EDGE  Firehall Theatre  Vancouver, B.C. September 4-14
    Music For Gisa Cole “City”
1990    “City” Loft Performances at Main Dance Placanuary 17-20 
    Music for a work by Gisa Cole     
1989    DANCING ON THE EDGE Firehall Theatre Vancouver, B.C. Sept 11-13 Music for three     works by Gisa Cole
1989    WINNIPEG FRINGE FESTIVALWinnipeg, Manitoba July 15   
    Music for a work by Gisa Cole
1987    LOFT PERFORMANCES    Echoes   Music for Gisa ColeMain Dance Place  Van., B.C.     December 18, 19, 20
1987    AWAKEN THE SLEEPING GIANT  produced by the Town of Handen, Ct. and     Int.Performance Actions, June 22, August 22- September 20Andre Petterson -    Soundscape (heartbeat of giant)
1987    Music Work for Gisa Cole (Choreographer)  SOLO DANCE - Spring Performance
1986    Three Music Works - Children’s Carousel Dance Co.  Waterloo University, Waterloo,     ON, Gisa Cole - choreography, July (two of the works in ‘86-’87 repertoire)
1987    Music Work for Interdisciplinary Art Festival  Waterloo University, Waterloo, Ontario
    (Gisa Cole - choreography, February 12-13 (piece of 37 dancers)
1986    Fringe Festival Prod. - A play by Peter WilsonPHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD - Directed by Jay Brazeau
    Andre Petterson - Composed, performed Soundscape, September 1  Engineered -     (recorded voices)
1986    Three Evenings in collaboration with Gisa Cole, June 3, 4, 5 entitled MAHFEESH (an abstract dance exploring cultural conflicts embedded in thousands of years of patterns and styles of living).  Sponsored by The Firehall     Theatre,Vancouver, B.C., as part of the “Flipside Series”.
    Andre Petterson - Music Soundscape, performed, composed, recorded
1985    MYSTERIOUS OBJECTS - Sound track for the Performance  Composed, performed,     recorded
1985    PEEP SHOW, Sound track for Installation Sculpture
1984    THE LANE, Sound track for Installation Sculpture


Andre Petterson

Born: Rotterdam, Holland, 1950
Price range: $3400-15.400