Camrose Ducote

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As a visual artist I view my work as the result of an organic process, pursuing some ultimate truth which always seems to be elusive and just beyond my grasp. Therefore, I find it difficult to talk about my work in any definitive way. This is not made easier by the fact that the language I use is that of abstraction which relies upon sense impressions over the narrative. That being said, it seems that my work is a reflection of my ongoing preoccupation with the transient nature of life.

The result of this personal exploration has resulted in a developing iconography which has a history truly of its own making. It is a history which seeks to take into account both heart and spirit. I find that certain forms which carry some intrinsic meaning for me have, over the years, repeatedly asserted themselves upon the picture plane, but in different guises from one body of work to the next. For example, the more or less rectilinear shape which I find myself drawn to over and over again might, at one time, have symbolized for me a portal to the unknown. At another point in time it stood in for the figure. Perhaps now I am using it in a more abstract and less literal way, alluding to the notion of shielding, of becoming inviolable. 

In the same vein, it seems that the juxtaposition of certain forms I have used repeatedly within the framework of each piece (for example dark vs. light, fragility vs. invulnerability, hidden vs. exposed) all acknowledge the paradoxical nature of life in its physical, emotional and spiritual manifestations. The work shows that structure eventually decays and what is left is a visceral quality, alluding to the idea that all is in transition.....a seeping out from.....a splitting up between.....a breaking away from.....all serving to remind one of the nature of life in its cycle of birth, decay, death and metamorphosis.

Finally, it is important to mention that the physical process by which I create each piece involves that of transformation which is the theme I am attempting to address subjectively. I begin with paper on to which I apply a spackle compound. The surface is then hand rubbed and several layers of acrylic medium and washes of paint are applied, later to be rubbed away, leaving only a residue of marks. These become the ground upon which I build further experience. Bits of paper are culled from the studio drawer, relics of their former incarnations often used unsuccessfully in earlier pieces but which now find new life. Shapes emerge, only later to be submerged, in part or altogether, all in the service of satisfying some newly formed impulse. And so it goes.

In the final analysis, it is as if there is a certain inevitability, a certain rightness, being played out within the confines of each individual piece. It is an expression of the personal within the universal, the cycle further completed when the viewer brings his or her piece of history to add to the heap.


1974   University of Northern Colorado, B.A.


1988    Banff Centre Leighton Artist Colony (scholarship)


2016    New Work, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB (2 person)
2013   NEW WORK, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC
2011   Larger than Life, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB (group)
2011   Barrister’s Lounge, B.C Law Society, Vancouver, BC (solo)
2010     New Work, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Alta. (2 person)
2010     Time Passages, Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, B.C. (2 person)
2009    Marking the Void, Sopa Fine Arts, Kelowna, B.C. (2 person)
2009     New Work, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Alta. (2 person) 
2008     Storyline, SOPA Fine Arts, Kelowna, B.C. (2 person) 
2008     New Work, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 
2008     New Work, Galerie St. Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, Ontario 
2007     Acts of Light, Wallace Gallery, Calgary, Alta. (2 person) 
2007     Galerie St. Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, Ontario (3 person) 
2006     New Work, Galerie St. Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, Ontario 
2006     New Work, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 
2004     Split, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
2004     Wallace Gallery, Calgary, Alberta (2 person) 
2002     Traces, Vancouver, BC 
2001     Thin-skinned, John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
2000     Thinly-veiled, John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
1999     New Works, John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
1998     Transience, John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
1997     Departure, John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC. 
1996     Recent Works, John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
1996     Palimpsest, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC 
1995     Capilano College Gallery, North Vancouver BC 
1994     Crossing, John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
1993     John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
1991     Sanctum, Patrick Doheny Gallery, Vancouver BC 
1989     Progressions, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC 
1989     Retreat, Simon Fraser Gallery, Burnaby, BC 
            Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
1988     Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
1987     Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
1985     Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
            Lynn McAllister Fine Arts Gallery, Seattle, Washington 
1984     Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon 
1983     Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, BC 


2013     “Six Artists Exploring Abstraction,” Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
              “What Painting Can Be,” Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver, BC
              “Technical Surfaces” Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver,BC
2012     “Larger than Life” Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2004    “Abstracted” Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC2002     Wallace Galleries, Calgary AB
2002     Abstract, Seattle Art Museum Rental, Seattle, WA
2001     Agnes Bugera Gallery, Edmonton AB
1998     Introductions >98, Newzones Gallery, Calgary, AB
1997     Gallery Artists, John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1996     Surfaces, Evergreen Cultural Arts Centre, Coquitlam, BC
1993     Earthly Embraces, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
               Artropolis, Vancouver, BC
1988     Zoo Zone, Grand Forks Art Gallery and Castlegar National Exhibition Centre
1987     Artropolis, Vancouver, BC
               Profiles of a Heritage,@ Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1985     12th International Biennial of Tapestry, Lausanne, Switzerland
               Meanwhile.....Back at the Ranch, Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops, BC
               Third Annual Wild West Show, Alberta College of Art Gallery, BC
1984     The Warehouse Show, Vancouver, BC


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B.C. Pavilion. Expo 86, Vancouver, B.C.
Canada Council Art Bank
Citibank, Vancouver, B.C.
Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
Delta Hotels, Vancouver, B.C.
Jewish Community Centre, Vancouver, B.C.
Marcorp Development Corporation, Vancouver, B.C.
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.
Vancouver Museum, Vancouver, B.C.
Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver, B.C.
St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, B.C.
Senvest Collection of New Canadian Art, Montreal, QC
Fairmont Hotel, Montreal, Que.
Douglas Symes and Brissiden, Vancouver, B.C.
Clear Holdings, Calgary, B.C.
Cenovus Energy, Calgary, Alta.
Sid Dickens, Vancouver, B.C.
Westin Hotel, Whistler, B.C.
Broughton Peterson Yang Anderson, Vancouver, B.C.
Innoventure Holdings, Vancouver, B.C.
Star Boetticher Dallas, Vancouver, B.C.
Legacy, Vancouver, B.C.
KBSH Capitol Management


Camrose Ducote

Price range: $780-$6400