Dori-Ann Steinberg

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I consider myself an object maker, and though I rely on the traditional compositional elements of space, light, visual movement and tension between the parts and the whole, my work is abstract and, for the most part, non-representational. My figurative work is therapeutic – a self-check of sorts, it is my connection to the roots of art and its history. 

 Fibonacci rules, and their natural fusion of science and art, are always in the back of my mind. I enjoy the synthesis of order and disorder (chaos), light and dark, regularity and irregularity, construction and deconstruction. This is, perhaps, what creates my desire to work in any material that finds its way into my studio. Anything is game depending on my mood. I enjoy working with materials that can evolve- malleable materials like clay and wax but also glass, metals, wood, stone, and even found objects. 

My paintings evolve in a similar way as the sculpture I create -- through the same sort of subliminal play process - but they emphasize the non-objective and the abstract in a different way. The nature of paint allows me to relinquish associations with the world outside of the studio and let the canvas take on its own identity, its own world. 

No matter the medium, my art reflects my observation of both the natural and constructed environments I live in and visit in my travels.

Dori-ann Steinberg


2010     Chaordic Consequence, SQart projects, (Skew Gallery), Calgary,
2001      Solo exhibition, Kalef Halpin, Bankers Hall, Calgary
1997     An Overview, Glide Hall Gallery, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff
1996     Canberra Characters, Art Stop, ACT
1995     Field Installation, Coolac NSW
1993      Sculpture in the Park, Glebe Park, ACT
1992      Hebraic Connections, National Jewish Centre, ACT
1987    Suburban homes Tilley Divines, ACT
1982    Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, Princeton, N.J, USA


2002       Bata Shoe Museum, The Glass Slipper Show, Toronto
2002      Avens Gallery, HAWT, Canmore, AB 
2000      Traditional Values Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Australia
2000      Kalef Halpin, Bankers Hall, Calgary
2000       ARTS 2000 Royal Academy of Art, Gallery Stratford, Stratford, Ontario
2000       GAAC Members Exhibition, Red Deer, College, Red Deer, AB
1998       Team sculpture competition, Simpson & Roberts Architects, Calgary
1997    They’re Out There, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT*
1996    The Good the Bad the Ugly, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT
1996    Women and Their Art, ANCA Studios, ACT
1996    The Environment and Me, Tap Gallery, Sydney, NSW**
1996    The Pet Shop, Fyshwick, ACT
1996    Bald Archie, Coolac Festival, Coolac, NSW
1995    God Save the Queen, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT
1995    Ding Dang Don’t, Spiral Arm Gallery, ACT
1995    Three Dimensions, Canberra Grammar School, ACT
1994    A Brush with the Bush, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT
1994    Sister Trust, Fireside Gallery, Gorman House, ACT
1994    Taking Stock, BMI Building, Canberra, ACT
1993    Hands On Pants Off, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT
1992    Addressing the Chair, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT
1992    Three “D” in the park, Glebe Park, ACT
1990    Members Exhibition, Crafts Council of the ACT
1985    New Artists Gallery, Canberra ACT
1983    University of Oregon Art Gallery, Eugene, Oregon, USA
1983    Lane Community College Art Gallery, Eugene Oregon
1981    Mercer County Art Gallery, Princeton, N.J, USA


2001      Centre for the Performing Arts, Calgary
2001      The Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff
2000      The Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff
1999      Templar Design Inc. Centre of Performing Arts, Calgary
1999-8   Woodridge Ford, Calgary
1998      The Palace Night Club, Calgary
1997      Paragon Capital Corporation, Calgary
1997      Templar Designs, Calgary
1995      Peter Haynes, Parliament House, Canberra ACT
1995      Blake Dawson Waldron, Canberra, ACT
1995      Christine White, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
1993      Set Design, Secret Life of Carbon, Canberra Youth Theatre
1993      Set Design, Merchant of Venice, Narrabunda College, ACT
1988      Canadian Pacific Hotels, Nakiska, Alberta


1992    Pat Corrigan Artists Grant, through the Australia Council
1992    ACT Cultural Grant, Secret Life of Carbon
1991    Capital Arts Patrons Organization Grant, Canberra, ACT
1986    LEDA Funding Grant, to establish the Bronze Works Inc, ACT
1982    Johnson Foundation Grant, NJ, USA
1981    Johnson Foundation Grant, NJ, USA


Straight Magazine, Junk as Art, by Wes Lafortune, September 13, 2001
The Banff Crag and Canyon, “Creative Sparks”, by Gavin Young
Radio Review/ Interview with Trevor Smith, Triple X radio July 13, 1996
Kerry-Anne Cousins” The Pet Shop” MUSE Magazine, number 153, July1996
Annette Cohen “Sculpture in Glebe” Community Times, March 1993
Sonia Barron “Remarkably diverse responses” Canberra Times Nov.12, 1992
Sasha Grishin “Diversity” Canberra Times February 8, 1985


Lectures, Workshops and Instruction
1997-present Team building workshops, businesses and peer groups
1997-present   Private tuition for adults and children, Artists studio, Calgary
1998-2001       Art instruction, Calgary Home Schooling Association, Catholic school Board
1998              Global Learning Academy, Clay for children, Calgary
1997              Mount Pleasant Arts Centre and Wildflower Arts Centre, Children’s classes, Calgary
1997              Central Memorial High School, Art and Language, English department, Calgary
1995-96           Instructor, Lake Ginninderra College, ACT
1996              Drawing Instructor, Continuing Education, Weston Creek, ACT
1995-96           Private tuition for Adults and children, Artists studio, Campbell ACT
1992              Project Artist, Chartwell, ACT
1990-93           Lecturer, technician, The Bronze Works Inc., ACT
1985-90              Drawing Instructor, Canberra Artists Workshop, Kingston, ACT
1986              Guest Lecturer, Alberta College of Art, Calgary
1983              Department of Industrial Design, Canberra College of Advanced Education

Technical and Curatorial Experience/Residencies
1998       Glass Hot Shop Assistant, Pilchuk Glass School, Pilchuk, Washington
1997    Alberta College of Art and Design, Spring Session, Glass casting workshop
1997    Artist in Residence, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta
1996       Curator, “The Pet-Shop Exhibition”, Fyshwick, ACT
1993    Curator Taking Stock Exhibition, BMI CENTRE, Civic, ACT
1993    Secretary, The Crafts Council of the ACT
1992-94    Project Artist, Casting, The Bronze Works Inc., ACT
1992    Set and Costumes, “Secret Life of Carbon”, Canberra Youth Theatre
1983     Dept. of Industrial Design, Canberra College of Advanced Education
1982    Administrative Assistant,  JATI, International Sculpture Symposium, Oak, Ca.
1981-82 Apprentice, Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, Princeton, NJ

*ACT- Australian Capital Territory


1985    Graduate Diploma in Education, Canberra College of Advanced Education
1984    Post Graduate Technical studies in Sculpture, Canberra School of Art
1983    Master of Fine Art Program, (Sculpture) University of Oregon, and USA
1981    Bachelor of Fine Art Program, (Sculpture), California College of Arts and Crafts.


Dori-Ann Steinberg

Price Range: $350-$4500