The Impulse to Fly
Mexican Still life with Cactus
Bright Green with Mexican Jug
Some Place Else 2
Some Place Else
Warm Stripes with Tulips
Davids Bowl with Plant
Cyclamen with Teapot
Tulips in Decorative Jug
Black Pot with Mexican Jug
Erika Olson

Price range: $900-2500

For many years, after receiving my degree from Concordia University in 1997, all of my studio spaces were empty white cubes. I reacted by painting large abstract paintings influenced by colourists such as Guido Molinari, Howard Hodgkin, Paul Klee, and others.

In 2004 I was given a space to work in inside a house. For the first time I was working in a domestic space filled with plants, pottery and textiles. with an open window to fields and a river. In response to this stimuli I worked predominately with still life and food oriented subject for thirteen years. My work was was concerned with saturated colour flat planes and multiple view points. The pitchers and oranges and plants in my pastels and painting have been gradually taken out and I have returned once more to abstraction. I use colour in the same saturated way until it almost looks like shiny enamel and my colour schemes relate to all of the different colours that I have been influenced by from other cultures especially Indian Miniatures. I play with sharp and organic lines and shape balancing them against one another. My works are meant to be seen against a white wall as I have carefully played with white edges that blend into the wall and cause an interesting distortion.I often work from a small collage as a starting place to work on composition. When enlarging the piece inevitably becomes its own thing. I am interested in colours and compositions that are calm and rich, pieces to relax into.