Herbert Siebner

1925 - 2003

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Siebner was born in 1925 in Germany. He studied fine arts under Dr. Ernst Schumacher (1935-37), at the Schiller Real Gymnasium, Stettin (1937-41), under Professor Atelier Max Richter, Stettin (1941-43), and finally at the College of Art in Berlin (1946-49). He has had numerous one man shows and group exhibitions throughout Germany, France, the United States and Canada. In 1954 he immigrated to Canada.


Siebner was originally from Germany and immigrated to Canada in 1954.  He studied as a painter in Europe before he immigrated and had several exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, and Italy.  He also studied at the Berlin academy in the expressionist tradition.  Of the 500 applicants that applied to the Academy only 50 were chosen, Siebner was one of those students.  Later, only a selection of these students was chosen to enter a master-atelier.  Here the students learnt from the basics as the great masters did (such as Monet), they learnt how to make their own paints, use texture and apply glazes and varnishes.  This knowledge and discipline has all been but lost today.  He was taught the traditional way and was apprentice for a number of years under some of histories most major expressionists, such as Max Kaus.  His personal philosophy of creativity was to remain true regardless of the revolutionary stylistic changes of the times.  His philosophy was to create and learn and become a master on his own.  He was not one to copy or conform to the times; he learnt from other great painters and created what he felt.  He was dedicated to work in the tradition that was true to a painter and that was to create and to live through his paintings.  He wanted to express himself through art much like a musician does through his music, or a writer does through his words.  In a way the art is Herbert Siebner’s words.  He is telling a story.   His work is not literal.  He tells his stories through color, light, composition, and later symbolism.  He stayed true to philosophy even throughout the war, and after the war when he was commissioned to paint officers for 12 cigarettes. On the death of his brother, he immigrated to Canada, and hence forth became an artist of own accord.

He taught several classes in Victoria and at the University of British Columbia.  He was considered to live in his work and that art was his life.  He has collections with: The City of Berlin, The Seattle Art Museum, The Victoria Art Gallery, The Royal Ontario Museum, the Princess Fernanda von Thurn and Taxis, amongst others.  He has had several exhibitions in Canada, Europe, and the Untied States though out his painting career, totaling approximately 150 exhibitions.  He was mentioned in Who’s who of Canada as one the west’s most important Canadian artists.  He found his own in Canada and meeting with Lorne Harris in earlier years confirm his sense of belonging.  This past September he was given a show (a retrospective) of 50 years of painting in Canada. He was the founder of the Limner group; a group to which Maxwell Bates was a member.  He was a hallmark and very integral person in the arts community and was said to be “the defining moment of the city’s [Victoria] art history” by Classic scholar Peter L. Smith.  He was and will remain to be for year to come one of Canada’s most important painters and printmakers. 

There are a number of articles and books about Herbert Siebner. I have several here at the gallery.  He was truly a master and an important painter.  He is certainly not an easy read but a painter that will withstand time.  His work will definitely define Canadian history for years to come.


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1952    Olympic Committee Design, Berlin, Germany
1953    Heraldic Design Award, City of Berlin  
1956    Reid Award for Graphics, Canadian Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers,     Toronto
1957    B.C. sculpture award
1957    Seattle Art Museum
1959    Award for painting, Winnipeg Art Gallery
1960    Purchase award, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
1961    Award for painting, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
1961    Honorable Mention, Northwest Annual, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle,     Washington, USA
1962    Canada Council Senior Arts Fellowship
1973    Honorary Citizenship of Victoria, BC


1950    Berufsverband Bildender Kuenstler, Berlin, Germany.
1958    Canadian Group of Painters.
1973    Royal Canadian Academy.


The University of Victoria, BC
The Crown House, Victoria, BC
The Provincial Museum, Victoria, BC


1950    Gallery Der Teekessel, Berlin Germany.
1954    Gallery Gerd Rosen, Berlin Germany.
1954    Norfolk Gallery, Victoria, BC
1955    Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1956    Hart House, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
1957    Seligman Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA
1958    Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1958    Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1958    New Design Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1959    Simone Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA
1959    Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1960    Seligman Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA
1960    College of Education, Bellingham, Tennessee, USA
1960    Simone Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA
1961    Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1961    Seligman Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA
1961    University of British Colombia, Vancouver, BC
1961    Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1961    Gallery 8, Sanata Barbara,
1962    The Point Group, Victoria, BC
1962    Museum of Art, University of Oregon, Eugene, USA
1963    The Hilton Gallery of the Senate of the Arts, Berlin, Germany
1963    Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1964    Seligman Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA
1964    Simone Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA
1964    New Design Gallery, Seattle, Washington, USA
1965    Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Quebec
1965    Confederation Art Gallery and Museum, Charlottetown, PEI
1966    Pandoras Box Gallery, Victoria, BC
1966    Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1967    Pandoras Box Gallery, Victoria, BC
1967    Blue Barn Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
1967    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1967    Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle, Washington, BC
1968    Print Gallery, Victoria, BC
1968    Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1969    Print Gallery, Victoria, BC
1970    Retrospective Exhibition, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1970    Gallery 1, Argritoglio, Milan
1970    Print Gallery, Victoria, BC
1970    Victoria Art Gallery, Retrospective Show
1971    Gallery Schubert, Lugano
1971    Gallery Schubert, Milan
1971    Print Gallery, Victoria, BC
1973    The Provincial Archives, British Colombia
1973    Emily Walter Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1974    Bau-Xi Gallery, Victoria, BC
1976    Windsor Utley Gallery, Victoria, BC
1979    University of Victoria
1980    Media Centre, Vancouver, BC
1983    Eroscape at the Backroom Gallery, Victoria, BC
1984    Dualities at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 30 years in Canada, Victoria, BC
1986    Retrospective Exhibition, The City of West Berlin.
1989    Before Canada, Vancouver, B.C., Victoria, BC
1991    H. S. Museum of Expressionism
1991    Four Decades of Art, Calgary, AB
1992    Trends of Expressionism, Weisenstein Gallery, Victoria, BC
1993    Atelier Gallery, Victoria, BC
1993    Wincherster Gallery, Victoria, BC
1994    40 Years in B.C., Victoria, BC
1995    Siebner at 70 in B.C., retrospective exhibition, Victoria - Fort St. John.
1996    After 150 One-Man-Exhibitions, Stettin/Pomerania
2004    Celebration, Wallace Galleries Ltd, Calgary, AB
2004    Retrospect, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, BC
2004    Siebner, Winchester Gallery, Victoria, BC
2010    Siebner, Winchester Gallery, Victoria, BC
2012    Elements of Surprise, Winchester Gallery, Victoria, BC
2013    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2014    Herbert Siebner: A Sixty Year Legacy, Winchester Galleries, Victoria BC


1949    Freunde Der Bildenden Kunst, Berlin, Germany
1953    Junge Kuenstler, Relingerahausen; Kunst im Tiergarten, Germany
1953    Kunst im Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany
1958    Ruthermore Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1956    Canadian Group of Painters
1956    Quarterly group show: Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1956    Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1957    Northwest Annual, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
1957    Brussels World Fair
1958    Two Man Show with Tony Onley; Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1958    International Exhibition, Graphics, Lugano
1959    West Coast Painters, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR
1959    Ontario Society of Artists
1959    Yugoslavia
1959    Canadian Biennial exhibition
1960    Western Painters, Stratford Festival, Stratford, ON
1960    The Canadian Group of Painters
1960    Ontario Society of Artists, ON
1960    British Colombia Society of Artists, Vancouver, BC
1960    The Point Group, Victoria, BC
1960    British Comobia Painters, San Francisco, CA
1961    Victoria Art Gallery, Victoria, BC
1961    Two Man Show: with Elza Mayhew, University of British Colombia, Vancouver, BC
1961    The Canadian Group of Painters
1961    Ontario Society of Artists
1961    The Point Group, Victoria, BC
1961    British Colombia Society of Artists
1962    The Point Group, Victoria, BC
1962    Canadian Bienniale Exhibition
1962    Seattle World Fair, Seattle, WA
1965    Canadian Group of Painters
1965    British Colombia Society of Artists
1967    The Canadian Group of Painters
1967    British Colombia Society of Artists
1967    Albert White Gallery, Toronto, ON
1968    Two Man Show (with Maxwell Bates), Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle,     Washington, USA
1972    The Limners, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1973    The Limners, Provincial Archives of British Colombia, Victoria, BC
1975    German Artists in Canada, the Goethe Institute of Montreal, Montreal, QC
1975    The Limners, Confederation Art Gallery and Museum, Charlottetown, PEI
1975    Universite de Moncton, Moncton, NB
1975    New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, NB
1975    Memorial University Art Gallery, Rochester, NY
1975    University of New Brunswick Art Centre, Fredericton, NB
1977    Two Man Show (with Karl Spreitz), Windsor Utley Gallery, Victoria, BC
1977    The Limners, Shaw Remmington Gallery, Toronto, ON
1978    The Limners, Windsor Utley Gallery, Victoria, BC
2015    Making a Scene: Victoria's Artists in the 1960's, University of Victoria Legacy Art Gallery, Victoria BC
2016    Eight Prints: A 1959 Print Portfolio by Artists from Victoria, Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby BC


1957    Brussels World's Fair Exhibition    
1958    Canadian Biennial, Ottawa, Ontario.
1958    International Graphic Exposition Luegano, Switzerland
1959    Graphic Exhibition, Lublijana, Yugoslavia.
1959    Canadian Biennial, Ottawa, Ontario.
1962    Seattle Worlds Fair Exposition
1962    Canadian Biennial, Ottawa, Ontario.
1966    Allied Arts Catalogue of the Royal institute of Canada
1969    International Triennale of Xilography, Capri, Italy
1969    Canadian Printmakers, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario.
1969    Northwest Printmakers, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
1972    Exposición Internacional de la Xilografia Contemporaranea, Museo Espanol de Arte Contemporaneo, Nadrid (during 1971-72 this exhibition was also seen in Ciudad Real, Jaen, Baeza, Ubeda, Cordoba, Merida, Serilla, Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Algecira and Melilla).
1979    25 years in B.C. Exhibition, Maltwood Museum, University of Victoria
1980    Retrospective exhibition, Herbert Siebner, Media Centre, Vancouver, B.C.
1981    German-Canadian Symposium, University of Montreal, Quebec.
1982    Limner Exhibition, Edmonton, Alberta.
1989    Graphic-Biennal, Lubljana


1954-58   Open Studio for teaching art, Studio Group, Victoria, B.C.
1958-60   Instructor for painting and graphics, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
1962         workshop in B.C.
1962        The University of B.C.
1963        Guest of Honour, Berlin Akedemie
                 Visiting Professor, The University of Washington
1964        Teaching Summer school, University of B.C.
1966        The University of Alberta
1967        The University of Victoria
1968        The University of Victoria


The City of Berlin
The Seattle Art Museum
The Victoria Art Gallery
The City of Victoria
The University of Victoria
Edmonton Art Gallery
The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
The Confederation Art Museum, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's
The Kleinburg Museum
The City of Carpi. Museum of Xylographia
Vancouver Art Gallery
B.C. Provincial Collection
Princess Fernanda von Thurn and Taxis
Ocelot International Inc.
and numerous private collections worldwide.


Herbert Siebner

1925 - 2003
Price Range: $1200-$55,000