Linda Nardelli

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Linda L Nardelli was born in Montreal Quebec and has been a resident of British Columbia since 1986. She now lives and works on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Her career has spanned the last 20 years since receiving a diploma of Fine Arts at the Okanagan College/University, and training in the art of Trompe L'oeil Murals, Realism and Faux Finishing.

Her deep love of nature inspires in her a passionate interest in layered textures and the interplay of shapes and movement, found in rock formations, the forest, landscapes, and the sea. She is moved by the essence of artistic expression, the feeling quality in art that balances contrasting elements. Linda paints the wind, the sound of laughter, love and loss—the sentient perception of subjective experience. She looks for the visual grace that embraces deep feeling, spirituality and balance.

Linda’s work is layered like mineral deposits and time with cement/plaster texture and acrylic washes, and then brought to life with rich oil glazes and encaustic medium. Her interest in cave art, etched engraving and graffiti brings a distinct quality to Linda’s art, adding a expansive layer of symbols formed by scratched markings in overlays and interlocking patterns. These symbols represent the dialogue between external stimulus and internal reflections, bringing to the foreground the deeper subconscious mind, intuition and playfulness.


1992    Diploma in Visual Arts, Okanagan University
1994    Master Faux-Finish Glazing and Trompe-l'oeil apprenticeship


2015    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2012    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2012    Bugara Matheson Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2011    Agnus Bugara Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2010    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2009    Agnus Bugara Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2009    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2008    Agnus Bugara Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2008    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2007    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2006    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2006    Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004    Simon Patrich Gallery,Vancouver, BC
2002    Simon Patrich Gallery,Vancouver, BC
2000    Simon Patrich Gallery,Vancouver, BC
1998    Studio, Vancouver, BC
1992    Lloyd Manchester Gallery, Penticton, BC 
1991    Lloyd Manchester Gallery, Penticton, BC
1991    Eucalyptus Emporium Gallery, Kelowna, BC


2003     Simon Patrich Gallery,Vancouver, BC
1998     Studio, Vancouver, BC
1997     Studio, Vancouver, BC
1996     French Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC 
1995     Blue Note Café Gallery, Vancouver, BC 
1992     Heritage Art Gallery, Kelowna, BC
1990     Calona Wines, Kelowna, BC


2012   Zoey Wren
           Music composer: Residential home
2011   Richard Moore
           Message Therapist: Chiropractic Centre
2011   Thomas Moore
            Holistic Practitioner: Medical Office
2004   Vi and Less Clark
           Home Builders: Show home
2003   Pascal Roy
           Doctor of Chinese Medicine: Residential Home


The Keg, Vancouver BC
Film and Television Production, Vancouver BC
Mack Meagher LLP, Calgary AB
Totem Group Ltd, Cochrane, AB
Chevron Canada, Calgary, AB
Valeura Energy Inc, Calgary, AB
Inpex Corporation, Calgary, AB
Felesky Flynn LLP, Calgary, AB
Alliance Pipeline Ltd, Calgary,AB
Verenex Energy Inc, Calgary, AB
FirstEnergy, Calgary, AB
Mr. Erichsen, Norway


Linda Nardelli

Born in Montreal, April 25th, 1968
Price range: $1400-$6000