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Walter Bachinski was born in 1939 in Ottawa. He worked closely with Frederick Hagan at the Ontario College of Art, graduating in 1965, and went on to complete his Master's Degree at the University of Iowa under the direction of Mauricio Lasansky in 1967. Shortly thereafter he began teaching at the University of Guelph, gaining tenure in 1970 and progressing through the ranks to Full Professor in 1984. At that time he began reducing his teaching, eventually leaving the University in 1994. 

Bachinski has traveled extensively throughout his career, at first studying the mural work of Orozco and Siquerios in Mexico and later the museums of Europe to see first hand the great works of the past. Eventually he focused on the masterpieces (particularly French) of the late 19th and early 20th century art housed in collections in France and the United States. 

The very early work was primarily black and white and concentrated on the areas of printmaking and drawing. He began working on sculpture in the round and relief in the early 1970s. In 1975 Bachinski introduced the Mother and Child theme and shortly thereafter the Artist and Model. His work continued to evolve, becoming more classical in style; his exploration of colour in pastels, leading to his re-examination of the possibilities of still life, began in 1978-79 during an extended stay in France. Since 1994, Walter Bachinski has devoted himself exclusively to his art in his studio in Shanty Bay, Ontario. 


1967    Masters Degree, University of Iowa, under the direction of Mauricio Lasansky.

1965    Graduated from the Ontario College of Art, Toronto, ON

Work Experience

1967    Began lecturing at the University of Guelph, gaining tenure in 1970, and progressing through the ranks to a full-professorship.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013    Walter Bachinski: Approaching Classicism, HAN ART, Montreal, Quebec.*

2009    Variations on the Birth of Venus, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto.

2000    Walter Bachinski 2000, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal.

1996    Walter Bachinski, Recent Work, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal.

1996    Walter Bachinski: A Fifteen Year Survey of Prints, Erindale College, University of Toronto.

1995    Robertson Galleries, Ottawa.

1993    Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal.

1992    Bachinski: Still Life - Ten Years*, MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, Ontario.

1992    Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto.

1991    Approaching Classicism, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Ontario.

1991    Heffel Gallery, Vancouver.

1990    Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario.

1989    Robertson Galleries, Ottawa.

1989    Heffel Gallery, Vancouver.

1987    Gallery Moos, Toronto.

1986    Robertson Galleries, Ottawa.

1986    Gallery Moos, Toronto.

1985    Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ontario.

1984    Galerie l'Art Français, Montréal.

1984    Gallery Moos, Toronto.

1984    Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario.

1982    Gallery Moos, Toronto.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2002    Art 2002, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal.

2001    Contemporary Still Life, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal.

2000    TWO NATIONS: Works on Paper, Travelling Exhibition, Canada and Cuba, 2000-2002

1999    Sculptures, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal.

1999    The Human Figure in Contemporary Art, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal.

1999    Art Expo, John Szoke, New York.

1999    Naked Emotion, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario.

1998    Museologic, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Ontario.

1998    Three Master Printmakers, Wallace Galleries, Calgary.

1998    New Etchings and Pastels, John Szoke Gallery, New York.

1998    Great Canadian Art for a Great Canadian Cause, Ron Moore Gallery, Toronto.

1997    Here's Looking at Me Kid: Artists Look at Themselves, Art Gallery of North York, Ontario.

1995    Printmakers at Riverside*, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener Ontario. Exposition itinérante / Travelling exhibition.

1995    One year Later... Additions to the Permanent Collection, Art Gallery of North York, Ontario.

1993    Practice and Pedagogy, London Regional Art Museum, London, Ontario.

1993    A Show of CATS: The Feline in Art, Prior Editions, Vancouver.

1992    The Print Defined, The Blyth Art Gallery, Blyth, Ontario.

1992    Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal.

1990    Red, Durham Art Gallery, Ontario.

1989    Blue, Durham Art Gallery, Ontario.

1988    Yellow, Durham Art Gallery, Ontario.

1988    The Object is the Object, Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario.

1986    V Bienal americana de artes graficas*, Museo de Arte Moderno, Cali, Colombie.

1985    Celebrating 20 Years: 1965-1985*, University of Guelph Faculty of

1985    Fine Arts, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ontario.

1983-4 The Hand Holding the Brush: Self-portraits by Canadian Artists*, London Regional Art Gallery. Tournée nationale / National tour.

1982    Variations: Bachinski, Chu, Green, Urquhart*, Wellington County Museum, Elora, Ontario.

1981    Viewpoints: 29 by 9*, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario. Tournée régionale / Regional Tour.

1981    Art For Architiecture*, The Macdonald Gallery, Toronto.

1980    Sculpture from Public Collections in Ontario: 1950-1980, Burlington Cultural Centre, Ontario.

1977    Visitors, Exiles and Residents: Artists since 1827*, University of Guelph, Ontario.

1976    Spectrum Canada*, Royal Canadian Academy. Exposition itinérante / Travelling exhibition.

1976    Portraits on Paper, Morris Gallery, Toronto.

1976    Four Canadian Printmakers*, Central Washington State College, Ellensburg, Wa.

1976    Ontario Now*, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario.

1976    International Sculptures, Gallery Moos, Toronto.

1976    Of Human Bondage*, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario. Exposition itinérante / Travelling exhibition.

1974    5e Biennale internationale de la gravure*, Cracovie, Pologne.

1974    Commonwealth Art Gallery, Londres. Bachinski, Urquhart, Weinstein, Kitchener- Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario.

1974    Contemporary Canadian Prints & Drawings, McMaster University Art Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario.

1974    IV International Biennial of Graphic Art, Florence, Italie.

1974    Graphics Canadian, Art Gallery of Ontario. Exposition itinérante / Travelling exhibition.

1973    Canadian Printmakers, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario.

1972    Three Canadian Printmakers, Art Gallery of Brant, Brantford, Ontario. XI Bienniale of Prints & Drawings*, Lugano, Suisse.

1971    Exposition internationale des arts grphiques*, Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Montréal.

1970    Canadian Graphics, Canadian Society of Graphic Art, Toronto. Adams and Yves Gallery, Toronto.

1968-9 Three Printmakers, Musée des beaux-arts du Canada. Exposition itinérante / Travelling exhibition.

1968    35th Annual Exhibition, Canadian Society of Graphic Art, London, Ontario.

1967    38th Northwest Printmakers International Exhibition, Seattle.

* catalogue

Selected Biographies

Monographies - Books:

1989    Burnett, David, Cineplex Odeon: The First Ten Years, Cineplex Odeon Corporation, Toronto.

1984    Bayer, Fern, The Ontario Collection, Fitzhenry and Whiteside, Toronto.

1982    Parkin, Jeanne, William Boyle (éd.), Art in Architecture (Art for the Built Environment in the Province of Ontario), Visual Arts of Ontario, Toronto.

1980    Morris, Jerrold, 100 Years of Canadian Drawing, Methuen, Toronto.


2000    Elsted, Crispin, Walter Bachinski, 2000, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal.

1996    Cumming, Glen, Walter Bachinski, Recent Work, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montréal

1992    Moore, William, Walter Bachinski: Still Life-Ten Years, MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie, Ontario.

1991    Cumming, Glen, Walter Bachinski: Approaching Classicism, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario.

1981    Cumming, Glen, Dr. Thomas Tritschler, Joe Plaskett, Walter Bachinski: Sculpture and Drawing, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario.

1976    Ihrig, Robert, Paul Duval, Bachinski: A Decade, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario.

1972    Weinstein, Alan, Walter Bachinski, Nova Scotia Art Gallery and Musuem, Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse.  Catalogues (expositions de groupe - group exhibitions) :

1995    Printmakers at Riverside, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario.

1991    The Claridge Collection, publié en l’honneur du 60e anniversaire de Charles Bronfman / published in honour of the 60th birthday of Charles Bronfman, Claridge, Montréal.

1991    The Peacekeeping Monument Competition, National Capital Commission, Ottawa, Ontario.

1986    V bienal americana de artes graficas, Museo de Arte Moderno, Cali, Colombie.

1985    Celebrating 20 Years, 1965-1985, University of Guelph Fine Art Faculty Exhibition, 22 nov. 1985-5 jan. 1986, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ontario.

1983    The Hand Holding the Brush, Self-portraits by Canadian Artists, une exposition itinérante organisée par la London Regional Art Gallery / a National Travelling exhibition organized by the London Regional Art Gallery, 4 nov. 1983-16 déc. 1984.

1982    Variations, Elora, Ontario, 6 août-6 sept. 1982.

1982    Graphic Newfoundland, Burnaby, B.C., avril1982.

1981    Art for the Architecture, (Selections from the Government of Ontario Art Collection). 1966-1981, The Macdonald Gallery, Toronto, 27 mai-4 juil. 1981.

1981    Viewpoint, Twenty-nine by Nine, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, 8 jan.-22 fév. 1981.

1977    100 Years, Evolution of the Ontario College of Art, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 5 nov. 1976-2 jan. 1977.

1976    Four Canadian Printmakers, Central Washington State College, Ellensburg, Wa, jan. 1976.

1976    Of Human Bondage, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, 28 avril-23 mai 1976.

1976    Spectrum Canada, Complexe Desjardins, Montréal, 5-31 juillet 1976.

1976    Ontario Now, A Survey of Contemporary Art, The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, 6-29 fév. 1976.

1974    Biennale internationale de la gravure, Cracovie, Pologne, 1974.

1972    L'Internazionale Grafici Lugano 1972, Museo Civico di bell art, Lugano, Suisse,1er août-22 oct. 1972.

1971    International Exhibition of Graphics, Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Montréal, 23 juin-15 août 1971.  Revues d’art - Art periodicals

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Public Commissions

1992    Mines and Minerals Research Centre, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario.

1988    Cineplex Odeon Theatre, Kitchener, Ontario.

1985    Donald Forster Sculpture Park, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ontario.

1984    Maclean Hunter Building, College Park, Toronto.

1980    Mohawk College, Health Sciences Centre, Hamilton, Ontario.

1977    Palais de Justice, Kitchener, Ontario.

1975    University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario.

Illustrated Books

Virgile. Eclogues, traduit par C. D. Lewis avec 23 linogravures (deux couleurs de Walter Bachinski) / translated by C. D. Lewis, with 23 two colour linocuts by Walter Bachinski. Publié par / Published by Shanty Bay Press, 1999.

Honours, Awards and Grants

1982    Bourse, Conseil des arts (court terme) pour études en France / Canada Council Short-Term Grant to study in France.

1978,79 Bourse, Conseil des arts (matériel) / Canada Council Materials Grant.  

1978-9 Bourse, Conseil des arts de l’Ontario / Arts Council of Ontario Grant.

1974    Prix de l’Instituto Bancario S. Paolo di Tuono, (Prize), V Biennale (arts graphiques / graphic arts), Florence.

1973    Bourse, University of Guelph Research Advisory Board Grant.

1973    Prix du mérite / Merit Prize, Los Angeles Printmaking Society, International Exhibition.

1971    Bourse, University of Guelph Research Advisory Board Grant.

1971    Prix Albert Dumouchel, Exposition internationale d'art graphique, Montréal.

1969    Bourse, Conseil des arts (court terme) / Canada Council Short-Term Grant, pour la production des lithographies After Birth par George C. Miller and Son, New York / for the production of port-folio of lithographs After Birth. Printed by George C. Miller and Son, New York.

Public Collections

Art Gallery of Brant, Brantford, Ontario
Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario
Art Gallery of Mississauga, Ontario
Art Gallery of North York, Ontario
Athabasca University, Alberta
Centre Saidye Bronfman, Montréal
Cad VISION, Calgary, Alberta  
Cambridge Shopping Centres Ltd., Toronto
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa
Canadian Pacific Railways
Cineplex Odeon, Toronto
Civic Museum, Lugano, Suisse
Claridge Collection, Montréal
Drabinsky Collection, Toronto
Erindale College, University of Toronto
Esso Resources, Calgary
Gallery Stratford, Stratford, Ontario
General Foods of Canada, Toronto
Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario
Government of Ontario
Guaranty Trust, Toronto
Hammerson Canada, Toronto
Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Ontario
Los Angeles Printmaking Society, Los Angeles
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
Ministère des Affaires étrangères, Canada
Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse
Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Montréal
Norcen Energy, Calgary, Alberta
OMERS, Toronto
Robert McLaughlin Art Centre, Oshawa, Ontario
Rothmans of Canada Collection, Toronto
Rodman Hall Art Centre, St. Catherines, Ontario
Royal Bank of Canada
Shell Canada Collection
Sun Life Insurance of Canada
The Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Ontario
The Toronto Stock Exchange
University of Guelph
University of Iowa
University of Lethbridge
University of Manitoba
University of Windsor Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Vancouver Art Gallery
Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario


Walter Bachinski

Born: Ottawa, ON, 1939
Price range: $7500-$26,500